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3rd Prize, Western Harbor Master Planning Competition Professional groupp, Jan 2011.

West Waterfront Redevelopment

Under The Same Bridge (海滨游龙)
Concept Design

Client: Government of Hong Kong SAR
Size: 3 km
Location: Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong

Markets - Hong Kong is widely known for her “Market” cultures. Urban context along waterfront is identified with different communities with different characters and potential for further developments. A series of themed markets created from extension of the existing urban context. They are Food Market, Sports Market, Sunset Market, Show Market, Art Market.

High Walk - Elevated walkway and podium space are part of the Hong Kong urban life. The proposal uses a scaffolding-form high walk to link the Markets along the waterfront.
The elevated deck allows urban development to reach waterfront; while providing an intimate public space from the busy urban life. Activities of the new buildings along the bridge and adjacent space could be extended into the podium deck.

Urban Eco Mass - The elevated bridge structure performs as the Eco mass for the urban area. Algae Canopy improves air quality at deck level. There are rain water harvesting and filtering. Wind turbine helps bring sea breeze into urban area.

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