Ski Park Pavilion

Post it
Concept Design

Client: Manitoba Association of Architects
Size: 2 x 3.5 x 2.5(H) meter
Location: Manitoba, Canada

Not many people ski on his own. Very often the group gets lost with each other along the track. Therefore message boards become very handy in mid-way stop.
The hut performs as a big message board for the skiers.  

Other than leaving messages to ski buddies, the hut is an art piece itself with public participation. It is not complete until the last piece of message space is filled up at the end of skiing season.

Assembly Sequence - Lay timber plank onto the skid; Bolt steel angles on timber planks; Slot in metal sheets along the diagonal steel angles and blot fix them; Blot two sheets along vertical edges; Fold the sheets down towards to steel angles on two edges of the skid; Add steel plate along the edge and bolt fix; Strap on the leather post it.

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