Victoria Harbour Icon

Bauhinian's Voice (紫荊之声)
Concept Design

Client: Government of Hong Kong SAR
Size: 10x10x10m
Location: Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong

Concept - Victoria harbor is our Place for wish, hope and dream. 
For the past years, the harbor front has been a place for lover, family, and friends. Overlooking the beautiful water, we plan our future, we show our caring, and we spill out our frustration. The sky above the harbor becomes a canvas for the projection of our mind. 

Metaphor - The Basic Component of the logo is a Bauhinia and our fellows, hand in hand in a form of dialogue cloud. The concept is to symbolize Hong Kong is built up by our unifying forces and spirits - hand in hand as a big family. The form of a dialogue bubble implies that every opinion is respected and contributes to form our society which in turn forms the society itself. It reflects every single piece of mind of our fellow Hong Kong people. Its chrome materiality also reminds us of our surrounding constantly - Hong Kong, the place where we love, we live.

Adaptability - The design itself is a series of partial representation of the bubble geometry from different angles, either in 2D or 3D formats. Each of them can be used in different location, or media. 

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