Highway Conversion   

Solar Park
Concept Design

Client: Italian Highways Authority
Size: 10 km
Location: Reggio Calabria, Italy

The objective of the “Solar Park South” international competition is to stimulate concrete ideas and revolutionary proposals for the reuse of the soon to be decommissioned highway sections between Scilla and Bagnara.

The South-North are to create a space for testing the production of energy using renewable sources, while the other carriageway North-South) are reused as an alternative to the National Highway n18, Rather than completely demolishing the old route, with its extraordinary reinforced concrete viaducts, our concept fully integrated within the landscape and the collective imagination, the reuse and redevelopment by proposing an organic PV skin to collect energy for the energy research lab it shelter.

The organic skins also morph down to the highway itself to form internal courtyards or with sea views. This created opportunities for cafes and restaurants as dining on a highway provide an unusual experience with breath taking Aegean Sea view. This fulfilled the client’s aspiration of stimulating tourism with the scheme.

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