Art Installation

Parallel Tears
Concept Design

Client: Confidential
Size: 50 sqm
Location: Vivoli, Italy

This work is inspired by the duet, and to have the architecture embodied its philosophy, which in turn reinforce the music's idea by the architectural configuration - as if two drops of tears falls on the arena surface forming ripple which embraced the audience.

Each musician positions himself/ herself, at either end of the courtyard, at the center of the ripple shaped timber deck. The sounds send out and interfere with each other when they meet at the central pool.

The architecture takes the form of sound wave with the audiences sit along the “Ripple Waves”. Audiences sit with their back facing the Violist see the Violinist but hear the nearer Violist, vice versa. The interplay between the sound and visual performance creates an interesting experience driven by its music piece.       

The timber boat construction method was adapted to achieve the highly finished curvilinear surfaces. Recycled wood composite board was used to substitute conventional hard wood panels. All Timber Rib Frame were fabricated off site. Blueprint of the Timber Rib Frames were digitally layout and laser cut out from the panel. Leftover of the timber boards were ground and reform the wood composite board.

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