2nd Prize, Noise Barrier International Design Competition. Professional group, Apr 2009.
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Highway Noise Barrier

Green Bubble
Concept Design

Client: Government of Hong Kong SAR
Size: 1 km
Location: Downtown Highway, Hong Kong

Performance - Taking the form of Acoustic Foam, the perforated material with modulated surfaces help break down and absorb sound.

Materials - Main structure is a weaving light weight steel structure. Different infill can be put in for various purposes. Main infill is vegetation planter made from recycled plastic bottle. Other infill includes PV, glass skylight and solid panels.

Construction - Vegetation infill which takes up half of the area is made from recycled plastic. It reduces the structural burden of the steel frame.
It therefore saves cost and time for construction.

Maintenance - Each infill module can be replaced individually. Module size and weight are small enough to handle without heavy machinery. This in turn eliminates possible closure of highway due to maintenance.

Energy - PV infill generates and store electricity for road lights on the barrier and its surrounding highway area. Vegetation infill reduces heat radiation from the highway.

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