Liesma Hotel

Music Cone (音乐Eᵩ)
Concept Design

Client: Liesma Hotel  
Size: 96,000 sqm GFA
Location: Jurmala, Latvia

Music Garden - Canopy extending from the hotel lobby offers a place for casual music performance. Guests are welcome to share their performance with others. All kind of mini concerts could be arranged in this area. People on podium can also enjoy the performance through the cones which connects two floors.

Existing structure - Existing slab, lift core and columns are kept. Hotel rooms are planned around central corridor which runs north and south. More rooms are added by extending the building to the north, towards the sea. New façade is added to provide wider view and more natural light to hotel rooms. 

Sustainability - Most of the existing trees are kept. A new canopy is added to extend the hotel lobby to the front garden. The perforated canopy works with the trees to provide a shaded area for music performance and social events. This shaded area with the aid of water feature draws sea freeze through the site. A noise barrier is added to the façade which faces the music performance area to minimize noise disturbance to hotel rooms. This screen performs as a projection screen for events. It also acts as a attraction to people from far away.

Functions - All rooms are facing either East or West. This allows sea views to all rooms. Detached escape staircase are added to replace existing stairs. This makes most use of the existing floors. Each floor has a mix of room types. There are 84 standard rooms, 18 of family rooms, 12 business rooms and 6 junior suites. Total 120 rooms. Top floor houses a presidential suite. Potential expansion of 60 rooms is provided by completing the lower few floors in the new north wing. Restaurant is placed on the podium level. Party can extend to outdoor terrace which connects to music garden on ground floor. Kitchen is located adjacent to both banquet halls and restaurant. This eliminates the needs of service corridor. Double height banqueting center can be open entirely to lobby area for special reception. A feature wall extends the garden into the lobby. This blurs the boundary of the entrance from its landscape front yard.

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