Freedom Square & Church Conversion  

Festive Flows
Concept Design

Client: Rakvere City Council   
Size: 180,000 sqm Gross
Location: Rakvere, Estonia

Flexible adaptation of existing fabric - The conversion of church does not involve major demolition of main structures. This minimizes the harm of the existing church and therefore reduces cost for stabilization works. The old church elevations play an important role to the surrounding context as a whole. The proposal puts minimal alteration to the facades by having extended structures (connections bridges to new extension) in localized manners.

Continuous movements - The dynamic structures guide visitors to move along the new, old building and surrounding landscape. The cone slab structure reduces number and size of the vertical structures. This therefore provides maximum visual penetration to the church façade.

Great variety of public spaces - The fluidity of landscape form connects various points of the context. The plaza provides a range of different types of public spaces such as landscape seating, amphitheatres, fountains and art wall. They allow wide range of activities for locals and visitors either in day or night.

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