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1st Prize, Cube180 International Design Competition. Professional group, Jan 2009.

Residential Prototype

Scholar’s Rock (智者之石)
Concept Design

Client: Government of Shenzhen
Size: 180 cubic squares per unit
Location: Shenzhen, China

The idea of this project is to create an interior that assimilate the experience of living in the nature. With the rigid constraint of 180 sqm, we designed the interior as if it is a Chinese garden inside out. Since it is located in the downtown Shenzhen, it targets the Modern SOHO lifestyle which the harmonic and yet exciting living space to inspire creativity and facilitate dialogues.

Sustainable materials such as recycled wood composite board were used to substitute conventional hard wood panels. Blue print was digitally layout and laser cut out from the panel. They were prefabricated off site to assure quality and time. Leftover of the timber boards were ground and reform the wood composite board. This minimizes construction waste and saved cost in transportation. This project is now ongoing to realization with government of Shenzhen.


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