Bridge at Cross Bay Link

Floating Oasis
Concept Design

Client: Government of Hong Kong SAR
Size: 1.8 km
Location: Tseung Kwan O, Hong Kong

Honest Beauty of the Structure - The cable stayed bridge was supported by inclined arches which transition from one side smoothly to the other side. The sectional profile of the bridge deck reflects honestly the transition of the structural forces. Heavy vegetated landscape deck is positioned directly under the arch to achieve efficient support.  The continuous arching structure makes the bridge a new landmark of Hong Kong.

Intimate Landscape Deck - Landscape decks step down toward the sea. This help isolate the recreational area from the traffic. It also avoid block the views from vehicular users. One side of the Decks can be accessible from pedestrian and cycling lanes; while the other side of the deck is not accessible for public. It is a new home for birds from the area. Maintenance of the deck can be easily accessible from traffic lanes.  

Renewable Energy Supply for the Community - The high exposure to the sun and proximity to the sea make the bridge an ideal location for generating clean energy. The surplus energy is fed back into the neighborhood. With the accumulated energy it generates, the whole structure is expected to gradually offset its own carbon emission released during its construction; and eventually achieve a carbon ‘’negative’’ in the long run. 

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