Honorable Mention, INBAR Bamboo Architecture Design Competition, Oct 2010.
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Bamboo Pavilion  

Bendy Hut
Concept Design

Client: International Network for Bamboo and Rattan
Size: 500 sqm
Location: Shanghai EXPO 2010, China

The objective of the “Bamboo and Rattan Product” international competition is to explore innovative ideas and for the Bamboo and Rattan as a material in Building and Product design. It was exhibited in Madrid Pavilion in the Shanghai EXPO 2010.

Our proposal is a building form created from sole expression for the elastic characteristic of the material itself. As an abundant and conventional industrial material in Chinese culture, the construction of it is relatively familiar and simple for a layman. Also the connection of the Bamboo is by cable which implies it can be easily dissembled and assembled. That said, the material and connection can be recycled that the design expressed the sustainability nature of the material. The design of the proposal is meant to be flexible to adjust. By changing the tension of the cables.

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