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1st Prize, Tamar Art Pavilion Design Competition. Oct 2011.

HKSAR government Tamar HQ Public Artwork

Fruit Boxes
Concept Design, Under Construction

Client: Government of Hong Kong SAR
Size: 6 x 6 x 4 (H) meter
Location: HKSAR government Tamar HQ

Yau Mai Tei Fruit market has been a collective memory of Hong Kong. With the rapid development of the surrounding area, the future of the historical place is uncertain. The proposed art piece is inspired by the formality of the fruit boxes and its the colorful fruits they contain.

This sculpture consists of fruit boxes stacked up as street furniture to provide seats and planters. They are also arranged to follow shadow by the structure such that the seating area is then self- shaded by the structure. The water runs along its spine running down and created a water fall at top to help cool down the surrounding area.


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