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2nd Prize, Lantern Wonderland Pavilion Competition, Aug 2011.

Lantern Pavilion

Flying To The Moon (嫦娥奔月.动感香江)
Concept Design

Client: Government of Hong Kong SAR
Size: 25x35x20(H) meter
Location: Victoria Park, Hong Kong

Theme - Chinese tales: ¹ß®Z©b¤ëancient god flies toward the moon. Traditional lantern: ¨«°¨¿Ovisitors looping inside the pavilion resemble the revolving picture of  “horse racing lantern”

Public engagement - For people around: lantern surface is a projection wall for light show. For people to go in: People follow the ramp in a single direction to see the lantern exhibition inside.  

Bamboo – can be reused elsewhere after dissembling; Local building skills; Flexible in construction and economic

Fabric - Flexible in shape; Light weight; Lantern quality; Easy to transport

Construction sequence - Ramp sits on ground by gravity. Attach weights at base to keep it in place from pedestrian movement & wind. To avoid differential movement, we keep the ramp structure independent from scaffold structure. Assemble prefabricated steel frame on site. Add weights to base ring to prevent overturning.  The frame performs as a guide line for easy laying out of bamboo rods. Lay out bamboo rods around steel frame. Hook up fabric.


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