Warming shelter

Curtain Hut
Concept Design

Client: Forks
Size: 10 sqm GFA
Location: Manitoba, Canada

The scheme was originally submitted to a design competition for a warming shelter along a skating trail on Assiniboine River.
Apart from serving its basic function as a warming and resting shelter for the skaters, the brief asked for design which investigates the relationship between built artifact and the frozen river-scape. The designs were required to fit on pre-fabricated skids for transport.

Curtain Hut is made by layers of curtains hanging on a steel tubular frame. The simple setting creates a multi layered visual translucency of the hut with its surrounding. The hut responds constantly to its context as the curtains move under breeze. Layers of plastic curtains retain air in between and maintain a relatively warmer inner environment. The top is not entirely sealed off to allow air movement to avoid the interior being too stuff. Construction materials include plastic curtains (colored, translucent) and tubular steel frames.


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