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Street Bench - Public Street Furniture

Concept Design

Client: Hong Kong Government  
Size: 5 sqm
Location: Hong Kong SAR, China

Folding Chair Bench: Folding stools is so essential for Hong Kong's dense urban environment that it is already a part of the local culture. Pedestrian railing is another common urban element in the city. Marrying the two together produces unique urban furniture which adopts itself to the overcrowded walkways in town. 

Swing Bench: Abandoned broken chairs are commonly found in the area to be used by the locals for outdoor seating. The proposal extends this spirit of recycling.  Unlike normal swing, maximum swing angles are limited here to avoid danger.

Rubber Band Bench: Sitting postures relate to time pedestrian need to spend on public seating. A leaning may be preferred when it is just a short wait for a bus.  A lying may be nice for reading in a park. The proposal support varied sitting posture in one single bench. 



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