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Ancient Stone Pier Conversation Park  

Float of Time
Concept Design

Client: Undisclosed  
Size: 15,000 sqm GFA
Location: Hong Kong SAR, China

The Stone Pier was first built between 1873 to serve as landing for both government officials and local public. The bridge was buried under the reclaimed land accommodating the military airport in 1942 World War II and eventually the development Hong Kong International Airport until 1998 when the remnants were unearthed. A project is planned to conserve the pier in situ and use the area as an open air public space for recreation for general public.

The Ancient Stone Bridge remnant witnesses and records multiple layers of history of Kowloon City. The proposal reveals the heritage in its own integrity by carving out a sunken courtyard out of the entire site. The dynamic form of the ancillary structure around it sets up a contrasting background for this display. The undulating layout provides lots of opportunities for public activities such as subterranean winter garden and the periphery gallery corridor. As a whole the fluid circulation across the site reminds us the glory history of the place as a busy pier and the helplessness of it whilst against the flow of time.




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