Shortlisted, GIFT Science Park Gateway Building Design Competition. Professional Group, Oct 2013.
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Carbon Zero Container Office Tower

Square 1
Concept Design

Client: Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks   
Size: 3,000 sqm GFA
Location: Hong Kong SAR, China

Being a logistic hub of the region, Hong Kong sees no shortage of used cargo containers. Square 1 is a building typology which from the construction materials to its operation strategies applies the most efficient ways to save energy. Substantiality is not a trend and it does not necessarily require high tech. Very often the most basic tricks archive the most of the effect.

Recycled building structure: Containers are designed to be stacked up and therefore ideal for building structure. Fair face concrete panels are used for floors and walls. It provides good thermal mass for cooling the building.

Artificial wetland system: Grey water is pumped to the top and run down along the artificial wetland river at the Sky Garden. The roots of the plants purify the grey water before it goes into the pool on ground floor. Spiral sky garden encourages circulation between each floor also promotes healthy workplace.



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