Festival Pavilion    

Super Star (P)
Concept Design

Client: Hong Kong Tourist Board  
Size: 2,000 sqm GFA
Location: Victoria Park, Hong Kong

Mid-Autumn Festival is an annual festival to celebrate the fullest moon in the year and a traditional time for family gathering.

Star is very often unseen under the brightness of the full moon. The giant 3 dimensional five point star also represents Hong Kong as Aisa’s world city – the super star of the region!

The structure needs to be put up and demolished within a week. Thanks to the equilateral geometry nature, one entire object is formed by one truss module multiplied by 60 times.

Simple and repetitive structural system saves cost and time in manufacturing, transporting and assembling. Triangular 2d trusses are flat packed and transported easily to site. Ribbon lantern fabric is rolled up and transport to site.


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