3rd Prize, Creative Smart Parking -Cycle Parking Rack Design Competition. Jun 2013.
Interactive Bicycle Rack

Round Table
Concept Design

Client: Government of Hong Kong SAR
Size: 1,000 sqm
Location: Tuen Wan, Hong Kong

Round Table is a unique culture to Chinese. It has long history and is still used in our everyday life. The radial orientation imposes no differentiation in hierarchy, emphasizes reunion and harmony and therefore facilitates interactions. Our generation now in Hong Kong spends more time on electronic devices and lack face to face communications.

Round Table bicycle rack brings bikers together. Whether they come as a group, a couple or alone, we hope the face to face seating could initiate talks and brings people closer. The rack, together with bicycle, becomes a table with seat. Stepping recess at rack to rest foot and for balance.

Traditional bike rack only provides vertical support for bicycle to lean on. Bicycle falls down easily and gets damages. The A frame of the proposed design holds the bike in between. The rack allows bike lock to go around both the bike frame and front wheel in one go. 



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