2nd Prize, Tai O Twin Bridge Design Competition. Professional group, Apr 2013.
Tai O Pedestrian Bridge

Shorelines Bridge
Concept Design

Client: Government of Hong Kong SAR
Size: 10,000 sqm CFA
Location: Tai O, Hong Kong

As part of the regeneration plan of the historical Tai-O fish village, the government organized a design competition for a footbridge to link the two major sides of the villages. The brief asked for a design which could harmonize itself into the context. The river is the venue for the annual dragon boat race. The bridge design was required to open for the passing of racing boats in the event.

The bridge form extends from its shore. The arch bridge creates no visual interruption to landscape view. The expanding bridge creates amphitheater like public space towards the water. Tourists and local residents gather on bridge to fish or viewing dragon boat races. Amphitheatre decks along river banks and bridge island fit for these purposes in both normal and event days. Rotating bridge island minimizes disturbance to river by having single footing. Existing river bank lacks trees and therefore not suitable for public use during hot days in summer. Wavy form of bridge and its extension along river bank provides planting opportunities also shade the amphitheater space.




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