Syndey Library

The Shelf
Concept Design

Client: City Of Sydney
Size: 480,000 sqm Gross
Location: Zetland, Australia

IPosition of the library responds to ground activities generated by retails on BOTH sides. One continuous “shelf” structure forms volumes to house library functions.

The fluid building form facilitates pedestrian movements diagonally across the site. Passages are created along the major existing pedestrian desire across the site.

The plaza is mainly divided into two textures. The portion near the retail of surrounding buildings is hard paved. This area extends the ground activates into the plaza and provides space for great variety of public activities such as exhibition and street performance.  The portion near the library is planned with soft landscape. This area extends the vegetation on ground to the “shelf” wall of the library.

The timber “shelf wall” forms different component of the library building. It becomes the skylights and provides natural lights to the seating areas on the second floor. It forms the book shelf for library collection internally. As external envelope, it performs as planting shelf for vegetation and trellis for climbing plants. This continuous multi-functional shelf wall brings the garden into the library and extends the library activities into the plaza.

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