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Shortlisted, HK MTR Artwork Competition. Jun 2012.

MTR Artworks At MTR Different Stations

Tunnel / Time Travel Door / Home Sweet Home / Ticket / Rubblish Wave
Concept Design

Client: HK MTR
Size: 3 x 3m
Location: MTR Station, Hong Kong

MTR map has long become Hong Kong’s compress in many people’s mind. With its simple graphic, the map tells effectively the relative positions of each train stop. In the meantime, it leaves us much room for imagination on where and how these tunnels actually go under the city. The art piece is a semi sphere formed by a series of tubes turning and linking up each other. The tubes have colours same as lines of the MTR map. The turning segment is white in colours just like the stops/ intersection stops shown in MTR map.

Kenndy Town is one of the oldest districts in Hong Kong. In there we could still see part of old Hong Kong and be able to pick up a good lot of memory. Yet, due to lack of convenient transportation network, many of these treasures were not brought to notice by a bigger public and some are even forgotten by most of the people. The new extension of MTR to Kennedy town opens up this hidden treasure to people from wider context. There are two pieces of the artworks separated by two station columns. One piece is MTR train door. The other piece is traditional metal gate of old shops in Hong Kong. On a journey to Kenndy Town, MTR train is like a time travel machine. Passengers enter the train door from hustle bustle, shiny new business centre and exit to a local, historical lovely old town full of memories.  

Compared to other new developed districts, Ho Man Tin has much more native residents. The sense of home is then particular strong in this little area. Sunset always reminds people of home/ that it is time to go home for dinner. The artwork has a series of cross shaped posts made of glass. These glass posts resemble high-rise residential towers which are home for majority of people in Hong Kong. Certain portions at the middle have warm colours. This colour segments together resemble a sun at sunset time. As a whole, the artwork gives an effect of sunset reflection over residential towers.

Since Octopus Cards appeared, MTR tickets have been much less seen except when special editions come on sale. Yet the ticket’s simple design and unique texture has long been part of our memories. Surrounding an air shaft chimney, the artwork is preferred to be air permeable to minimize air flow obstruction into/ out from the shaft. The artwork is a cylindrical fence covered with MTR-ticket-shaped cards made of metals. The reflective surface of the cards allows the surrounding to be projected onto the cylinder. When winds drift across the park, the hanging cards shiver together with the leaves on the surrounding trees.

Ocean Park is a must see tourist attraction in Hong Kong. However tons of rubbish produced by the tens of thousands visitors every day is endangering our ocean lives. All the lovely sea creatures we see in the park rely on our effort to keep out ocean environment clean. Sitting near the footbridge to Ocean Park, the artwork reminds passengers this message while they are off the train and on their way to it. The Artwork resembles a form of wave in the sea. The wave is composited by hundreds of trashed soft drink cans. This reminds people also to care about our natural environment by producing less rubbish while enjoying the day in the theme park. With weight added inside the “cans” at lower portion, the artwork balances itself on floor and requires no anchor fixings.

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