New Vision Of the Loft

The Loft
Concept Design

Client: Fakro
Size: 1,000 sqm / unit
Location: Fakro, Poland

Loft usually refers to space under roof or attic. It gives an impression of being left over, unfinished and dark. Loft windows bring light and lift into the space. The dark and cold space suddenly turns into a warm cozy little paradise for many.

The water outlet in Ladybower Reservoir is an architectural wonder. A giant hole on the surface of the water sucks water in when reservoir overflows. In other time it stays dry, cold and mysterious.

Loft windows to give light and life to this lonely space and turn it into a retreat for people seeking for quiet weekend away from the urban hassles.
(The original outlet is enlarged and extended to house ancillary space of the hotel. It still serves it function as overflow outlet).

Visitors enter from the other side of the road. Passing through a tunnel visitors arrive a circular corridor which leads to rooms of varied sizes.

Rooms are well separated from each other by thick concrete of the structure. This gives visitors absolute quietness and privacy. Visitors can enjoy their own piece of nature although they share the same atrium.   

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