Badel Block Zagreb

The New Badel Square
Concept Design

Client: Development Of the City Of Zagreb
Size: Footprint 8,400 sqm
Location: Zagreb, Republic of Croatia

Gravity circulation scheme - Coach drop off & pick up are both on separate levels. Passengers only need to circulate downwards once in one direction in the entire journey. Coach drop off on the upper level and pick up at the lower level. Passengers drop off from upper level will be picked up on the lower level. People always move downwards and for only once in each trip. It allows bigger office space on each floor, by shifting the coach circulation to one side. A central space is created around circulation. This gives clear orientation to the passengers.

Roof form sits well in context - The roof form replicates valleys. It responds to its natural landscape context. Unlike a boxy building of this size, the smoothness of the roof would not block the breeze from the surrounding. The extensive green feature on roof sits the massive building well in its context visually. 

An identity with purposes - One roof connects and unify two buildings spatially and visually. Roof form undulates according to the functional use underneath.

Plant roots purify air - Multi layered roof helps ventilate the deep floor plates. Green roof reduces heat gain.

Shaped roof panels responds to sun orientation - Roof panels are shaped to control daylight penetration at different locations.  Active carbon and roots of plant improve air quality.

Independent roof structure allows flexibility of office planning - Roof is supported by arch columns which are placed strategically to allow longer span for different locations. Office modules are independent from main roof structure. It provides flexibility in planning from time to time. 

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