University Aalto Campus

Aalto Campus
Concept Design

Client: Aalto University Sch of Arts
Size: GFA 37,800 sqm
Location: Finland

1. One Big Community:
The scattered building blocks with gardens in between create an inviting environment for the public. This makes the new campus the Otaniemi science and arts community.

2. A Central Square for Everyone:
The central square positioned at the heart of the junction is open to the public. It has the highest volume of the complex. Its simple form becomes naturally a landmark for the campus.

3. A Well Balanced Relationship between Buildings:
Park area is placed between building blocks. There are also garden courtyards within building blocks and garden terrace outside elevated blocks. All rooms have a garden facing windows and space can be extended into outdoor area. Building Blocks are aligned to leaves generous green area between existing and new buildings. The height of new mass is not overpowering the existing context. Color ceramic frits are added onto curtain wall facade to avoid glassiness appearance in the red brick context.

4. An Inspiring Environment for Both Work and Leisure:
Different types of break out spaces are planned around work spaces. The shared facilities around Central Square bring university and other organizations together.

5. An Interactive Condition between Design Disciplines:
The position of shared studio with break out spaces in between creates moment for students from different disciplines to meet. The break out spaces provide pleasant environment for them to interact. 

6. Dialogue between Theory and Practice:
There are group work spaces outside every studio and workshop rooms. This space is semi open to main circulation. They provide ideal area to facilitate works in small group.

7. An Attractive Environment for Pedestrian and Bicycle:
The building complex can be approached from multi directions via bike and pedestrian paths planned along garden in between blocks. To eliminate traffic in the area, vehicles are ramped down immediately at the site boundary into basement drop off point which connects back to Basement 1 shopping/ metro concourse.  

8. Efficient, Healthy and Flexible facilities for all:
Floors depth is limited to 16m, which is similar to existing building width, by introducing courtyards. There are opportunities for daylight from both or at least one side. This gives the room highest flexibility in sub division.

9. A Sustainable Campus:
Central Square is covered with skylights. In winter the central square is protected from wind and cold by acting as a green house. In summer the central square is natural ventilated by opening the top air vent.   Building blocks are positioned well apart with garden in between. It also has central courtyard. This arrangement reduce overshadow and save energy for lightings.  

10. Economical and Feasible Project Schedule:
The complex has 3 wings. They are identical modules. Construction is then economical and efficient by using off site prefabrication. It reduce disturbance to existing university facilities during the construction. This also allows the complex to be built in phase (wing by wing).




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