Public Artwork

Pass On (O)
Concept Design

Client: APO Hong Kong
Size: 5 x 5 x 3m (H)
Location: Tseung Kwan O, Hong Kong

Relay race is a team sport which bears the motto of passing on.

Hong Kong sportsmen constantly demonstrate to us their ability to strive for a honourable position in international games. Their determination and tremendous effort deserve (1) our full respect and support. We should also (2) pass on their spirits to our young generation.

Public support
From a distance, the art piece looks like a supporting crowd in a sports stadium. It forms a backdrop of audience with the amphitheatre in front.  

Pass on the spirit
Taking a closer look, the art piece is made up of a wall of batons which points in different directions. Standing in front of the wall of batons, people would feel the batons are being passed to them no matter where they stand.

The batons are made up of translucent acrylic. They come in a group of three and are fixed onto the wall by concealed screws. The particularity and colour of acrylic are resistant to outdoor weather as well as maintainable. The batons create colourful shadows on the back wall and the ground on a sunny day.

There are three colours – white, blue and red. These are the theme colours of the China Hong Kong Cycling team jersey.

The art piece is located within the given site boundary so it would not cause pathway obstruction. People who stand near could touch the batons. Three batons are bound like a tripod with three fixing points. It is strong enough to withstand normal human touching. There is no paint to fall off.   





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