Public Artwork

First Step
Concept Design

Client: APO Hong Kong
Size: 5 x 5 x 3m (H)
Location: Tseung Kwan O, Hong Kong

Looking back at the days when we were young, we loved to run, climb and play. Playing is the primitive form of exercise which brings us joy and health. Slide is one of the most popular games in the playground. We rushed to climb up the stairs for the excitement of sliding down. We were willing to climb higher for a longer slide ride.

As we grow older, we become reluctant to move. We’d rather queue up for elevators than walking up the stairs in MTR stations. In fact, climbing stairs is one of the cheapest and most convenient ways to exercise.

The sculpture reminds us of the joy of playing. It also highlights the importance and easy access of daily exercise.

The sculpture is a twisted form of slide. It is designed with stairs on one end and a slide on the other. The loop form enables people to climb up to a viewing platform, from which they could enjoy an entirely different vista of the park. The sculpture also provides shade for people to sit beneath or around it. 

The sculpture is made by reinforced concrete with prefabricated form works. The finish is a series of colourful dots which are cut from soles of old sport shoes. They are fixed onto the concrete with cement in a similar way of fixing mosaic tiles. The criteria of material selection are robust, sustainable and maintainable.

The space of the underside is 1.9m high, which allows people to stand underneath without hitting their heads. There is a 1.1m balustrade installed along the stairs and viewing platform for safety purposes. All edges are round and smooth. Base is a sand pit for safety.


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